A travel project must be prepared in advance. In order to make your trip a success, you need to respect certain protocols. Sometimes emergency situations force you to speed up your trip. There are risks to be taken and disadvantages to be faced.

Hard paperwork and repeated breakdowns

In the aftermath of an emergency trip, the traveller may forget the necessary paperwork. A travel plan probably means important things to do. So, in rushing to be on time, you may fail to take what you need with you. In the same case, you may run into trouble with the police. This often happens when you least expect it.  Because you have forgotten your identity card, passport, vehicle documents or other items.

When you are on your own vehicle, it’s a different story. On the way, technical breakdowns can surprise you. Apart from technical breakdowns, it can also happen that you run out of fuel. For air travel, the validity of the passport may have already expired. Not only the passport, but also your visa may not be issued in time.

Double payment of travel costs

You are obliged to pay more than the normal fees for a flight or for an inter-city trip. Because these things are booked in advance. As soon as you want an urgent place on a boat, you will have to pay twice. The compromise may cost you the price of two seats instead of one. Second-hand vehicles may seem like a solution. However, this is not the case. Renting a used car is very expensive. It is therefore better to prepare everything in advance. 

Health problems

There are places where the risk of contagion of viruses is high. If you want to go to these high-risk areas, you need to protect yourself. Protection is achieved through vaccinations. If you are not informed about the diseases you risk by going there, you are putting yourself at risk.  



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