Meals:   Monday-Friday


Shop open Monday-Saturday


Call Julie on 01859 520779

or mobile 07500 341888

Croft 36 seafood meals fresh local seafood home baking croft produce

Croft 36 is an outside catering business delivering ready to eat freshly prepared meals to your holiday cottage, campervan or tent from our croft in Northton.


We also have a croft shop from which we sell home baking, hot pasties/pies, seasonal vegetables, and occasionally fish as available. The shack is self service with an honesty box.

Seafood meals and produce from Croft 36, Northton, Isle of Harris

We have had great difficulty this year both catching and buying seafood and fish. I am too busy to fish, whilst the weather and lack of fish has been against local boats. We are faced with the decision either to carry on but buy fish from wholesalers, or reduce the number of seafood meals available, and have therefore decided to limit the amount of seafood for sale in our shack and in our meals to home/locally caught.  


We have decided however to approach this from another direction and make available more home grown/wild foods and baking. Our intention is to allow ourselves more time to procure food without using unsustainable sources.